About hubergroup India

About hubergroup India

hubergroup India (formerly Micro Inks) started as a small company by the name Hindustan Inks & Resins in the industrial town of Vapi, Gujarat state of India.

Since its very beginning, hubergroup India has remained strongly committed to the printing industry. This is reflected in our continuous expansion, not only to manufacture inks, but also key raw materials like pigments, resins, varnishes, additives etc. hubergroup India is today amongst the few ink companies in the world having such high degree of backward integration.

This commitment, got a further boost when we became a members of the Germany based hubergroup in 2005. Being perhaps the oldest ink company in the world, hubergroup has a reputation for high quality printing inks. That quality culture, based on deep insights and rigid internal discipline, is now the driving force behind huber's quality.

We at hubergroup India have a strong faith in partnerships. As an ink company, we do not just share business with our customers. We explore possibilities together. Staying in close touch with our customers worldwide, helps us understand their needs better. No wonder, hubergroup India is considered as a most customer friendly company in the industry. Service and quality are the two cornerstones of our business philosophy.

Service to us means not just most efficient logistics or a very comprehensive technical support. We try to train and educate our customers in the best global practices based on experience gained through our global business network.

Ever since we became part of hubergroup, we started the process of technology sharing between the two companies. And we together pioneered !NKREDIBLE technology for the offset inks. This uniquely innovative technology has proved to be distinctly superior. This is one of the examples of product excellence. Many such projects are on in our labs and we shall continue to deliver better value to our customers.